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Want to take part in video conferencing? – Google Hangouts, Facebook, Skype, Zoom?

Judith Allinson writes:

I have used Zoom several times. I have also spent quite a bit of time introducing others to it, and am still happy to do that. Maybe that is something several of us can do, or are already doing!

Green Christian Board and several committees have been using it for a while to have meetings from our homes without incurring transport and carbon costs. The covid-19 restrictions have made it really useful.

Here are some useful items on using video conferencing:

Please email me with more links you have found useful, or add them to the comments section below.

Green Christian Zoom  meetings:

  1. Green Christian “Zoom Tea Parties”  A time for sharing and prayer. More details on these lower down
  2. Radical Presence

2. Radical Presence

Covid-19 is forcing existential questions upon us: not only about our own survival or that of our loved ones, but about the deepest values on which our society is founded.  Will our civilisation get back to normal?  Or was normal already finished?  What kind of community are we learning to be?  What kind of work really matters?   When the siege is over, how do we want to emerge? Radical Presence is a short programme of weekly conversations, in which we’ll listen for God’s word in this time between worlds, in the company of contemporary writers and desert prophets.  Dates currently being planned: contact Ruth Jarman to be among the first to hear.

  1. Green Christian “Zoom Tea Parties”  A time for sharing and prayer.

In March we had had three Green Christian Zoom Parties (for members of Green Christian and for subscribers of our Free GC Email News letter). Five to seven (different) individuals took part each time. We will have have more in April on Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm and at other times by arrangement. This week there will be meetings on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th of April. (Drop me an email if you would like to take part)

I called them “Zoom Tea Parties” because they were initially set up to replace the idea of Green Christian members meeting locally for a relatively small scale informal tea party. However it is actually easier to meet on “the internet” than to travel 20 miles to meet.

The aims of the GC Zoom tea party are:

  1. To learn how to use zoom and practice using it
  2. To share experiences
  3. To have a period of mediation and prayer
  4. To discuss how we would like to see the world proceed, both after this Zoom call and after Cov-id3

At our Green Christian “Tea Party Zooms” I discovered that people had been using Zoom in different ways.

  • One person was to take part in a Methodist Service for 25 the following day.
  • A second person was taking part in her local Quaker meeting by Zoom and told me of a document the Quakers have prepared for organising such meetings.
  • A third was planning to teach her grandchild to play the recorder by using zoom.
  • A fourth uses it for work to interview people and provide training for and software for people with dyslexia
  • A fifth (me) will be using it for our local speakers club to continue our fortnightly meetings (now online) to develop our speaking skills.
  • Finally, Christian Climate Action set up a physical 14/7 prayer vigil outside the Houses of Parliament for Lent – This could not continue outside due to due to covid-19 restrictions – but the prayer vigil continues and you can join them each day (by Zoom) at 9am or 9pm

In spite of all of this do make time to phone up or write to neighbours and relations, especially those without internet access. – Maybe now is a time to send an early Easter Card?

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Setsuko L. Wadkins:

April 11, 2020

Thanks for such a useful information. Here at Nexgen IT Solutions also bringing ideas for how to use effective video conferencing.

Paul strickland:

April 2, 2020

Here is Zoom's response; https://assets.zoom.us/docs/pdf/Zoom+Response+Video-On+Vulnerability.pdf It seems only to apply to Macs, and they suggest making sure that the Zoom client does not automatically turn on the camera on joining the meeting.


April 2, 2020

Please could you tell me Green Christian's comments and response to the significant security issues that relate to using Zoom.

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