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Welcome to the Arts page!

Art and poetry are powerful ways to access and express emotions which can feel inexpressible, particularly when considering such enormous issues as the climate and ecological crises. Many people are struggling with emotions ranging from despair to hope, anger to love, grief to regret, and many others. In Green Christian we feel an Arts section on our website to be a powerful and helpful platform, both for the artists/poets and the recipients, as people share their feelings in the form of their own paintings, drawings and poetry.

Submissions are invited from Green Christian members on the theme of personal, emotional and spiritual reaction to the climate, environment, pollution and extinction crisis.  By Art we mean photos of painting, collage, fabric art, multimedia art and similar creative expressions. By Poetry we mean all forms of poetry; structured or free, rhymed or blank verse. Content and quality are important, but so is truth and honesty of expression.

All submissions should be your own, original work and you should hold all rights; copyright remains with the artist or writer. The exception to this is if GC commissions an art work or piece of writing, in which case the copyright would be with Green Christian. If artists use ‘found’ images in their works of art, they should obtain permission from the copyright holder in order to use them. This applies even if they use only a small part of an image or alter or manipulate it in some way. Poetry submissions should be in Word format. Photographs of art submissions should in jpeg format. Please include your name, contact details and – if you wish –  a short, third person bio of no more than one hundred words which can accompany your submission on the web page.

Our intention is to share rather than judge. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to decide which work will go onto the website and please note that all work should comply with the theme set by Green Christian and described above. We may offer editorial advice on poetry which will be technical, rather than guidance on expression. Please email submissions to