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Choosing food from four memorable categories can help you reduce your impact on the planet.

    Locally produced

    Organically grown

    Animal friendly

    Fairly traded

Join our campaign for sustainable food to be served in Christian premises.

Green Christian is asking churches, cathedrals, church offices, Christian retreat centres and schools – any Christian location where food is served – to try to use the LOAF principles in their catering. You can help us using the resources below. Simply download our letter, which you can then adapt, and send it along with a leaflet, to your favourite Christian cafe or refectory.

Everything you need can be found in the resource list below, or request it in printed form from

Spread the word

Include these articles in your church magazine.
Use our LOAF posters to create a display to educate and inspire.

LOAF Posters Display
Judith used our six wonderful images to create an amazing display in a church in Settle and got people thinking how they can change their own buying habits. You can download these from the resource list below.




Resources for Green Christian’s LOAF Food Campaign