New Book Reviews: April 2023

New Book Reviews on Green Christian’s Website in April 2023:

Climate Crisis, The Challenge to the Church, by David Rhodes, April 2020. Reviewed by Andrew Norman.

Cornerstones: Wild Forces that Can Change Our World, by Benedict Macdonald, July 2022. Reviewed by Angie Gibson.

Green Theology – An eco-feminist and ecumenical perspective, by Trees van Montfoort, January 2022. Reviewed by Jonathan Morris.

The Spirit of Hope: Theology for a World in Peril, by Jurgen Moltmann, November 2019. Reviewed by Rev Dr S John Harrison.

The Wilderness Cure, by Mo Wilde, June 2022. Reviewed by Chris Polhill.

Zero Altitude: How I learned to fly less and travel more, by Helen Coffey, May 2022. Reviewed by Stephen Retout.



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