A Fossil Free Nativity (2014)


Fossil Free Nativity

Script by Westley Ingram

Song lyrics revised by George Dow, Simon Honey and Ben Rafferty.

This script is intended to be used in goodwill, for larking about, for struggles against principalities and powers and for purposes not commercial.

Download the Fossil Free Nativity script here:


Watch the video here and the final song here.



Author: | Date: 7 December, 2014 | Category: Climate Change Plays | Comments: 1

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Christian activists perform Fossil Free Nativity outside Methodist Central Hall | Bright Now:

December 8, 2014

[…] Christian Climate Action are keen to see others put on similar Fossil Free Nativities, and so they have made the script of the play freely available for others to use (https://www.greenchristian.org.uk/archives/8134). […]

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