A Service for Rogantiontide – booklet

In 2022: Rogation Sunday is on 22 May.

Canon Brian Davis of Market Harborough put together a Rogation service with an ecological slant in 2018. You can download the booklet – It is a  12 side pdf file, so print it “Booklet fold” and it comes out as an A5 booklet. Or just enjoy reading it as it is.

He writes:-

Here is a simple idea for keeping Rogationtide, making it more relevant to our present environmental crisis. It was originally about asking God (Latin – rogare – to ask) to bless the crops. Rogation Days are the three weekdays before Ascension Day, but many churches
have observed Rogation on the preceding Sunday.

Traditionally a Rogationtide service is held outside. Our services are often too static, and isolated from the environment. So it is good to move outside, into God’s creation. And such a service is good for all ages – the children especially will love it. Being on the move keeps
our attention from wandering, and the message can come across much more effectively.
We celebrate God’s wonderful creation. We remind ourselves of how much we depend on the crops in the fields and farm animals for our food, as well as remembering so many other blessings. But it is also a time to repent of the harm we have done and are doing to our
planet: our neglect and exploitation of our environment; our treatment of our fellow creatures, so that many are now facing extinction; above all, global warming and climate change, largely
man-made. As Christians we cannot shrug our shoulders, and carry on as if nothing is happening. We human beings are responsible for planet earth. God has placed it in our hands. We must repent and with God’s help we can and we must change our ways.

Canon Brian Davis

Download  Rogation-Service

Canon Davis is happy for people to use it at their Church either for Rogation Sunday or for any time of the year, and would be pleased to hear where it is used.  If you would like to modify it for your use, then please get in touch with him direct


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