Pray for COP26

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Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:6

It is hard to imagine the world leaders coming up with an agreement at COP26 that preserves the abundance of Creation. That is why we need to pray, and in the words of Walter Wink, ‘pray an alternative future into being.’

26 Prayers for COP26

Revd Jon Swales from Leeds has written 26 Prayers and Laments for the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

‘If we love the natural world, of which we are part, it must hurt when we face what is happening to this earth. Can we keep the flame of hope alight, that all will not be lost, and that a new balance will eventually be secured? Surely it takes faith to hold love and hope together? This is what Jon Swales can help us to do with his valuable anthology of prayers for the climate and ecological emergency. To pray in this world is to be open to God’s gifts of faith, hope and love – despite everything.’  Andrew Norman co-chaplain of Green Christian   

EcoCongregation Scotland COP Prayer

EcoCongregation Scotland COP Prayer

Pray and Fast for the Climate

Pray and Fast for the Climate are movement of Christians praying and fasting on the 1st of each month for climate justice. They will be making prayer material for a vigil for Glasgow COP 26 available for the autumn – for churches or small groups to use together – or as individuals. It would be great if church members put a prayer vigil in the diary during the run up to COP.

Way of Life Prayers

Way of Life Prayers coming soon

Show the Love Prayers

Prayers written by Green Christian members



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