Advent Calendars: Part 1

What would you put on a green advent calendar? –  Advent Part 1

by Judith Allinson

I used to enjoy advent calendars when I was young – and have seen families enjoying opening one door for each day.
It is possible to buy “make your own Advent calendars” – e.g.

10 Jumbo Two-Part Decorate Your Own Advent Calendars with Tapecv 2023343


With space to put/paint your own big picture in the front,
then 24 boxes to have hidden pictures waiting to be opened.

What would you put on those pictures?

Traditional calendars have the Christmas Story – with shepherds, lambs, Mary, the star etc –

Children who already know the story delight in finding these, in recognising the subject of a story they know.

Secular calendars have pictures of presents you might receive – sweets, plastic toys, etc (Eugh!) – but presumably children enjoy finding these.
So if we were to make a calendar, what pictures or items would we put in the boxes?:

24 Animals of the bible?

24 Plants of the bible?..

24 Green things churches have done for Eco-Congregation?

24 Ways to save the rainforest?

24 Ways to help your neighbour?

24 Pictures of children helping animals.

24 Ways to get fit – without wrecking the environment?

24 Green stories/incidents in the bible?

24 New Year Resolutions to make?

Well I know what I would like : 24 tips on how to identify Beard Mosses (Didymoden mosses) These are tiniest grottiest mosses you see e.g. on the footpaths – Identification  is REALLY hard.

Tell us what topic you would like to give (or to make) – and what you think a member of your family would like to open – and what would be a worthwhile project?

One that is relevant to the Christmas story.. and one that will make our world a good place for future generations

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