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On The Road Together

Next on the Road Together Event: Ludlow: Sunday 26 May 2024

See a write up of On The Road at Nettle Hill 9 March 2024. And here is a nice write up of the pre-covid event at Wythernshawe, Manchester 14 Sept 2019.

Why not host such an event yourself;?

The page describes “On The Road Together” events in general and includes all the events that have been held since 2018

Since 2018 Green Christian has run 14 regional days with Green Christian and local communities to deepen ecological discipleship, mobilise for change, and build common cause for creation. We would love to run more such days in 2024 and 2025

Each day usually includes a session on The Green Christian Way of Life, a session on Joy in Enough, and more recently, a session with a speaker from Christian Climate Action. Other activities take place according to the local interest of the local group co-hosting the meeting.

Could you consider hosting an On the Road Together event in 2024/2025? – See details of how to organise one.

1. The Green Christian Way of Life provides a framework of 4 disciplines – Prayer, Living Gently on the Earth, Public Witness and Encouragement – by means of a dispersed Community of Companions. It has been described as the spiritual “heartbeat” of Green Christian. There will be an opportunity to discover new resources and share our experiences of using the disciplines as an aid to our ongoing spiritual journeys.

2. Joy in Enough, is our campaign presenting a vision for a society dedicated to human flourishing and the common good, rather than the constant pursuit of more. Recognising the value and limits of the natural world, we aim to harness the imagination of people in churches and beyond. We will share latest plans for developing the campaign, and give you a taster of one of the modules in a learning guide we are preparing for church groups to explore these issues.
The day is open to all who are interested in discovering how we might better pray, live, witness and support each other in this time of crisis.

Cost free – but donations on the day will be most welcome and can be gift-aided

Four such days were held in 2018:

  1. Feb in London
  2. June in Cambridge
  3. Sept in Derby
  4. October in Bristol

Three were held in 2019:

  1. June in Shrewsbury
  2. See pictures of the Manchester 14 Sept 2019 in Wythenshawe
  3. 28 Sept 2019: Stroud

None were held in 2020 due to Covid

One was held at the end of 2021

  1. October in Colchester

Five events were held in 2022

1. Saltburn-by-Sea on 9 July
2. Sat 3 Sept: Dronfield, Derbyshire: Dronfield Baptist Church:
3. Sun 4 Sept: St Nicholas-Earley, Reading: Green Christian “On The Road Together”
4. Sat 10 Sept: St Luke’s, York: Green Christian “On The Road Together”

5. Sat 22 Oct: Green Christian “Responding to the Climate and Ecological Crisis: Green Christian On the Road Together in Edinburgh” St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh

No events were held in 2023.

On the Road Together 2024:

  1. Nettle Hill, Ansty, Coventry, 9 March 2024 – report
  2. Ludlow: Sunday 26 May 2024