Go thrifty, healthy and green in 2015!

Broken promises Project 365(3) Day 324

After the Christmas splurge of chocolate, cash and carbon, here are some New Year resolutions that are good for your body, your bank-balance as well as our beautiful world:

  1. Cancel the gym membership! (Unless you live next door, or cycle there). Can you find a way to exercise that doesn’t require getting into your car? I keep fit by cycling to things when they are close enough and doing step-aerobics in the privacy and convenience of my sitting room on a step which cost £20 twenty years ago.  Walking costs 2p per mile in boots!
  2. Pile on the pulses instead of the ounces.  Serving lentils, chickpeas or beans with a grain of some sort (rice, couscous, pasta) makes a complete protein meal at a fraction of the price of meat.  Pulses are also naturally low in fat and high in fibre and minerals. And since animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, each time you choose the vegan option, you are being kind to the world.
  3. Insulate yourself!  Trawl second hand shops for big fluffy jumpers and fleecy blankets and see how many layers you can wear at once.  Now you will have to turn the heating down!  Every degree you lower will save you about 10% of the energy – thus saving carbon and money.
  4. Stay grounded.  Consider holidaying by car or train this year, rather than flying. It could be cheaper, it could be healthier, especially if it means you don’t get sun-burnt, but, most importantly, it will cut a whopping big hole in your carbon footprint and will probably be the kindest thing you can do for the earth and its future inhabitants.
  5. Actually, that’s not true.  An even more effective way to care for the earth is to demand a better world.  Spend the cost of a stamp or an email, or a train ticket to join a rally, vigil or protest, and campaign on behalf of future generations.  Support a charity that you like the look of (e.g. Green Christian, Christian Aid, Greenpeace, Operation Noah, WWF, RSPB) and join your voice to the millions calling on the government and other institutions to act on climate change.

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