Green Ageing

Ann Parker is a poet and a member of Christian Ecology Link. In this poem she reflects on ageing as a Christian in a climate-changing world.   Barbara Echlin.

Green Ageing

A time of consolidation,
like moving house. Leaving,
giving, throwing out that which
is no longer needed.
Learning new dimensions;

how to fit oneself into unfamiliarity,
rooms, doorways, garden. All the while
aware that we shall not live here long.
Another fifty – thirty years is not
an option. Time span is reduced.

Don’t waste it.
What should I leave behind?

What objects, what talents, what values
have I given or transmitted?

Then there are the practicalities
of a body getting doddery.
Its limitations. Or ways
of compensating. Is there more to learn?
The needs of those about me.

Climate change – my role – the role
of everyone in living through it.
Awareness of new sciences,
gardening, food production.
Saving fuel and water.

Emerging hazards, new diseases
Emergency responses.
Flood wardens For instance
Solar energy Being there.

And God? The Sabbath ‘rest’
and wholeness. Culmination.
Learning how to save the world
by holding it together

in stillness, one-ness. Not
in separation, conflict,
anxieties of right or wrong,
heaven or damnation;

but prayer as weaving
wholeness; ourselves a loom,
receptive to God’s shuttle.
A.R Parker

I have come that
you might have life,
and have it in abundance.

John 10.10



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