Green Christian Magazine, Autumn 2017, Issue 84

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Green Christian, Autumn 2017, Issue 84

Treasuring the Earth

Green Christian Issue 84 Cover Image

  • Editorial:  Where is your treasure?
  • Divestment and Engagement: a guide for the perplexed, part 1  James Buchanan puts the case for divestment
  • Powering your green Church  Clare Redfern speaks to Jemima Parker about a new renewable energy scheme for Churches
  • Greening your Church  John Anderson shares his Eco Church case study
  • Consumer power  Eve Poole explains how to put your money where your conscience is
  • Consumerism: help for the addicted  Two authors share their advice on resisting a culture of consumption
  • Space to reflect  Clare Redfern reports on a weekend retreat with Paul Maiteny
  • Gardening in Community  Benedict Bowmaker on soil, silence and service
  • Divestment and Engagement: a guide for the perplexed, part 2  The Church Commissioners respond to the call for
  • GC News :: Reviews :: Local Groups :: Poetry :: Prayers

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