Green Christian Magazine, Summer 2018, Issue 85

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Green Christian, Summer 2018, Issue 85

Lament, Wonder and Hope

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  • Editorial:  A magnificent journey
  • Language that connects  Jeremy Wiliams shares some persuasive ideas
  • Hope in the darkness  Ruth Wilde accentuates the positive in the Student Christian Movement’s climate change campaign
  • Becoming an EcoChurch in a small rural community  Mark Boulton recommends giving it a go
  • Joy in Enough’s The Big Workshop  Jenny Tibbles describes the fun of spending less and living more
  • We shall go out with joy  Hilary Ash explores different types of Forest Church
  • My Father’s handiwork  John Barnett shares a parable of brokenness and mending
  • Out of the wilderness  Paul Bodenham offers encouragement for us to find our way home
  • Don’t mention the warming  Stephen Edwards gives tips for talking climate in church
  • We lament what we love  Matt Stemp calls us to face our despair
  • GC News :: Reviews :: Local Groups :: Poetry :: Prayers

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