Green Christian Magazine, Summer 2013, Issue 75

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Green Christian, Summer 2013, Issue 75

Send in the Clowns

  • Editorial: Send in the Clowns by Chris Walton and Ross Ashley
  • Transition and Hope by John Whitehead
  • Not Screechers but Believers by Edward Echlin and Ruth Jarman
  • The Stream of Life rolls on by Deborah Tomkins and Paul Bodenham
  • Democracy needs prophets too by Paul Bodenham
  • Cosmic Justice by Mark Bredin
  • Finding the Still Point by Ross Ashley
  • Prophets and Clowns – imagination and resistance in action by Paul Bodenham, Westley Ingram and Phil Kingston
  • ecocell: The Place to Be by Westley Ingram
  • In Light and Shade by Isobel Murdoch
  • Prayerscript by Paul Bodenham

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