Green Christian Magazine, Summer 2016, Issue 81

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Green Christian, Summer 2016, Issue 81

O Taste and See!


  • Editorial: O Taste and See!
  • Real Farming, Real Food Small-holder Andy Mellen shares his perspectives on animal husbandry
  • Why we should not eat meat Coral Raven sets out the Christian case for veganism
  • Animals and the Environment Paul Overend gives a theo-centric argument for animal welfare
  • Green Both Ends Is breast green as well as best? Alison Blenkinsop reports
  • Jesus and the Sacred Wild Noel Moules explores Christian Animism
  • Agroecology: the sustainable alternative to industrial farming Clare Redfern interviews Dr Julia Wright
  • The Heathrow 13: Plane Stupid or Holy Fools?  Westley Ingram on the importance of radical disruptions
  • The Cross and Climate Change Tanya Jones reports on the recent Joy in Enough conference
  • Reflection Noel Moules explores the Shalom Circle
  • Local Groups – A Renewed Commitment
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