Five folded plastic bags in elastic bands – so, so useful

Judith Allison writes: This article was first written six years ago.

Now supermarkets are stopping selling light plastic bags – only heavier ones that you would have to use 8 times before they become more energy efficient. This seems a step backwards.

Often now it is hard to find vegetables and other items that are not wrapped in plastic anyway.

Cows eat plastic – whether thick or thin.

However I stick to my original article of 2012:-

This has made me so happy in the last few weeks:

I have started always carrying with me, in

  1. my bag,
  2. the glove pocket of the car
  3. my coat pocket:-:-

five good condition, but used plastic carrier bags  – folded small, and each one held in its own elastic band


Here is how I have used them over the past three days:

1. Ten times in shops, and on the market “No, I don’t need your bag, thank you, I have my own” – don’t I feel pleased!!

2. At Settle Stories on Sunday – “Tea with Cake” when there was lots of delicious cake left over to take home – I gave two bags to people to use as doggy bags, and used one myself.

3. To put some moss  specimens in to take home and identify.

4. To put some spare money in.

(The Coop ones are useful because they are very thin)

You can buy fancy little bags to put folded plastic bags in – but really it is much much easier using elastic bands.


Do try it.





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Comments on "Five folded plastic bags in elastic bands – so, so useful"

Adam Young:

October 12, 2020

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Stephanie Lodge:

November 7, 2012

I've bought loads of plastic-coated large bag-for-life bags and use them for storage, or general use, I take bags with me just in case I 'get carried away' with the shopping, we should be encouraging the byo as our Mums and Grans did years ago, my Mum and Nanna armed themselves with shopping bags, we never had a trolley to put it all in. So for me happiness is: telling the till girls NO THANKS, I already have one. What annoys me is they sit there opening up a pile of bags instead of serving us, as if we've nothing better to do than stand there and wait to be served! I've had to tip my stuff out as they automatically put them in bags and say: I DIDN'T WANT ONE, THANKS! Stephanie and Jim

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