How to Make a LOAF Posters Display

LOAF Posters Display

LOAF Posters Display at St John’s Methodist Church Hall, Settle

 Use your loaf 

You can download posters about LOAF from our resources section and make your own LOAF Display.

Green Christian has a leaflet and some >posters in pdf format on this topic.  Judith Allinson writes: “I used  our new local photoprinter in Settle Iprint to get some A3 posters made and put the display on the church hall notice board.”

This display at Settle Methodist Church Hall, N Yorkshire, also includes pictures of loaves from the local baker, “posing” in Winskill Stones nature reserve with Yorkshire Three peaks in the background.. Judith plans to make an extra “title strip” to place above the display linking all the separate posters together, and matching the title strips on adjacent notice boards

In an “Interactive Section”, viewers are invited to write in ideas of what and where local products can be bought.

“It is surprisingly hard to find “local products” says Judith Allinson. “The land round here, being high up, is mostly used for sheep and cattle. Here are the ones we have found so far:- these may sound parochial – but see what you can list for your area.. or send us more suggestions for ours”

  1. Lots of people suggested Growing with Grace  the local (Quaker inspired) organic greenhouses at Clapham, seven miles away. They have veggie bags with pick-up points in several towns and villages – and compost at 3 bags for £10-00. At this time of year they sell their own kale, and mixed salad, and stir-fry salad.
  2. Settle Creamery uses only milk from the UK. So we can buy Settle Creamery Butter in the local shops. At least it is packed in Settle!
  3. People who have milk delivered to the house are able to get local milk and eggs and sometimes potatoes… (Just across the border in Lancashire can count as local too…
  4. Drake and Macefield have butchers shops at Skipton and Settle. They get their beef from Thorlby, two miles this side of Skipton, their chickens from Pateley Bridge and their pork from near Grassington.. that’s from within 25 miles of Settle
  5. Wensleydale cheese for Hawes (20miles)
  6. Goat’s cheese from near Horton (7 miles)??
  7. Townhend Farm Shop at Airton, seven miles away, sells lots of very local meat and other produce
  8. Nelson’s Footwear (and Clogs) – Settle
  9. Booths Supermarket, Settle – These make an effort to sell produce from the NW of England.



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