How to organise a LOAF Bake-Off


  • To raise awareness about the ethical and spiritual aspect of food
  • To prove greenies can eat sugary foods and have fun

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What to do:

  1. Find some friends – at least 1.
  2. Decide on a date that they are around and check it’s ok with the church.  Choose one far enough ahead to get publicity in the parish magazine
  3. Decide how your Bake-Off will work.  My church is going to hold it during coffee in between the 2 morning services.
  4. Decide on categories.  We are having the following categories: Tastiest cake, prettiest cake (judged by Friend A before cut up), best name for a cake, most LOAFly cake (following LOAF principles best), Children’s category
  5. Decide how judging will happen.  We are going to get people to vote by putting a coloured sticker on the plate.
  6. People should put ingredients, stating which LOAF principles are followed on the      cake, with their name hidden underneath.
  7. Winner announcement.  We are going to announce the winners at start of service by whoever is leading and given the prizes (something LOAF).  Also publicised in parish magazine the following month with a winning recipe or two.
  8. Order LOAF leaflets and print LOAF placemats to put on pews and on tables on the day
  9. Skip breakfast the morning of the event


  1. To encourage people to enter have a sheet with name to get people to commit several weeks before.
  2. LOAF on slide over coffee on several previous Sundays.
  3. Creative and dramatic notice by youth on a previous Sunday
  4. Posters at local Organic or Christian shops and around the village
  5. Article in parish magazines giving e.g.s of LOAF ingredients
  6. Winning recipes in subsequent parish magazine
  7. Take photos on the day and write pre-and post PR to raise awareness about LOAF – mention any local organisations that are going for Fairtrade status, maybe quote from church’s creation care policy if you have one.

Have a look at the magazine article and flyer below and modify for your Bake-Off event:

Use your LOAF Magazine article
LOAF Bake-off flyer



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