Lord of all Languages

Tune: 10.11 .11.12. Slane (Irish Trad Melody) Words usually sung to this tune: Lord of all hopefulness H&P 552, HON 56

1.Lord of all languages, whose mighty Word
the sky, seas and dry land obediently heard,
With Wisdom your consort and love your design,
in infinite detail made all beings combine.
2.Lord of all terrible cymbals and drums,
of storm and of earthquake when doubt and fear comes,
Still over the noise and the flames we can hear
in our hearts your command to have faith and not fear.
3.Lord of all whispering, speak in the leaves
the small voice that counsels each one who believes,
Lift our eyes to the mountain, give us peace from the field
and wash us with rain that our souls may be healed.
4.Lord of all language, convey to our eyes
in the beauty of flowers, in the grandeur of skies,
The breadth of your systems of death and renewal,
the giving of life as life’s own precious fuel.
5.Lord of all light, let your light in our mind
still kindle our energy, stir us to find
Your Word in relationships, vital and strong,
throughout all creation, in which we belong.
6.All praise to the Parent, all praise to the Child
who planted his life for the world, and he smiled
On his mother, his friend and the thief by his side
as a sign of the harvest his sowing implied.

Mrs Audrey Theodosia Bryant , Polruan-by-Fowey, Cornwall

This hymn was an entry in the CEL Environment Hymn Competition and will be printed in the book Environment Praise for details email: webeditor@christian-ecology.org.uk

Audrey Bryant is happy for people to print this hymn for services and non commercial publicaitons etc provided that the exact words are printed, and that she is credited. She would be pleased to hear where it is being used . email bryant@christian-ecology.org.uk



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