New book by David Atkinson: Hope Rediscovered

Bishop David Atkinson  wrote

He has just written a new book:-

Hope Rediscovered: – Biblical Wisdom for an Anxious World

This is published by Ekklesia : ISBN 9 780993 294211 (Price £12.99)  31 May 2018

There is a forward by Rowan Williams.

Ekklesia say:-

Among the many causes of anxiety in today’s world are global concerns to do with social and economic inequality, the importance of sustainable development, and climate change. These raise human – that is moral and spiritual – questions about who we are, our destiny, how we can be helped to flourish, and what we hope for.

Hope Rediscovered is about being re-oriented in the face of such challenges. Bishop David Atkinson, who has an abiding interest in Christian ethics, pastoral theology and science, has put some key questions to the Gospel of John
– a text which says much about human flourishing, and which draws on the Wisdom themes of the Hebrew Bible, about understanding our place in creation, and about practical living.

Like his followers, Jesus was beset with conflicts within ‘the world’. The first century Christian community, to which the Gospel was addressed, discovered how to live hopefully in the way of Wisdom, energised by God’s Spirit. The focus of this timely book is deep, practical wisdom for a troubled world.

Bishop David Atkinson undertook research in organic chemistry before being ordained. He served as Fellow and
Chaplain of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. He was a Canon of Southwark Cathedral and Archdeacon of Lewisham
before becoming Bishop of Thetford in 2001. He retired in 2009.

Review by RJ:

I’ve just started reading the book and it is terribly readable!



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July 3, 2018

I have added this as a stock suggestion for my local libraries (York). If others request it too then they are more likely to get it in. Although they have ordered things for me in the past that are pretty niche, so I'm hopeful that they will order it. Maybe then other people, who might not have come across it otherwise, will see it on the shelf and pick it up.

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