‘Time to Act’ is reviewed

Our friends at Christian Climate Action had a book published last month.

Written by members and friends of Christian Climate Action, including Green Christian board member, Paul Bodenham, and complied by Jeremy Williams who works on our Joy in Enough project, this stimulating resource book sets out the moral and religious case for joining the struggle against climate change.

It reflects on the Christian tradition of non-violent direct action, and offers deeply moving testimonies by those engaged in such protests today, along with powerful sermons, prayers, liturgies and other spiritual resources.

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We asked some Green Christian members to review the book. This is what they said:

More than half a century ago, the Young Christian Workers organization adopted See, Judge, Act to encapsulate their powerful mode of operating. Christian Climate Action by analogy have divided their excellent new handbook into three sections, with essays gathered under the titles, The Head, The Heart and The Hands.

It’s a logical progression, after all, to do one’s thinking first – to reflect on the accumulation of whammies that God’s Creation is being made to absorb, and on the theology that can enlighten our present situation.

And then to consider – to take to heart – the experience and emotions brought to the surface by the climate emergency. I particularly liked the quote from Dr Renée Lertzman: “The more we can acknowledge openly and explicitly how we’re feeling about what’s going on, the more we can quickly free up a lot of that energy to be strategic, creative.”

Finally, the Hands: here the book comes into its own with practical advice and links to resources – 20 pages, for instance, of “Liturgies, prayers, songs and declarations”.

Altogether, a most useful and inspiring collation, celebrating the rapid growth and success of Christian Climate Action and stirring us to greater commitment to challenge the status quo.

Martin Davis, convener, Cheltenham Green Christian – 3/3/20

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Time To Act” is an excellent book examining climate change from many different aspects by a wide range of authors. So it is able to cover new perspectives. It has been cleverly arranged in three segments (The Head, The Heart, The Hands) by Jeremy Williams. I especially enjoyed the first segment (The Head) particularly Chapter 11 (page 73) by Anthony Reddie which beautifully tied together the climate crisis, social justice, inequality and the need for system change through social action. If this perspective helps to break modern people out of the selfish individualistic bubbles then it will prove invaluable. It should be widely read within faith communities.

Mark Dick

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Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 4 March, 2020 | Category: Book Reviews Climate Emergency | Comments: 1

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Revd Kate Gray:

February 20, 2020

Its an inspiring ton of actions and reflections. Easy to share, easy to read in local churches together and encouraging that so many different people in the UK churches are part of the holy movement of creative resistance connected to Jesus and love for Gods creation.

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