The Joy in Enough Confession – How to use it for Lent

This year Green Christian is encouraging the church in Britain to take a moment to consider our role in the destruction of the environment, our complicity in consumerism, and in an economy that serves profit over people. Instead, we are invited to embrace the sufficiency and the joy of enough.

The Confession is available online, along with a variety of ideas for using it. The next step is to get the word out. Can we ask for your help in promoting it?

Can you first of all take a look, read through the confession and see if it is something that your church could use. If you’re a church leader, could it fit into a Lent liturgy or service you are planning? If you’re a parishioner, pass it on to your leader.

Secondly, how could you use the confession yourself, as an individual or as a family? Many people give something up for Lent, or choose a particular topic to reflect on. Why not use the confession as a focus for your own Lent as a household, taking it as a time to think through your lifestyle? As well as the practice itself, Lent is a common conversation. You may get opportunities to talk to friends and colleagues about climate change, consumerism and our need for an economy that puts people first.

Finally, please pass on the message to friends, online or in person, and encourage them to do the same. Together we can multiply our reach, and get as many Christians as we can all thinking, praying and reflecting on Joy in Enough this Lent.

Thank you!



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February 21, 2019

I'm giving up meat for lent! That helps the environment I think.

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