Using your LOAF this Christmas!

Written by Barbara Echlin

Celebration and food go together…

At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of a baby in whom God entered our material world. And we rejoice in that birth by enjoying the gifts of the earth in our meals together.

The food we share at this special time can be wholesome, tasty and ethically sourced. Why not be guided by Green Christian’s LOAF principles this Christmas?

Can you try following some of these suggestions when planning your meals?

  • Locally produced – helping community and neighbour. Seek out local specialities. How about Sussex Sister Sarah, Shropshire Blue or Cornish Yarg for the cheese board? Yorkshire’s Black Sheep beer and Westons cider from Herefordshire for the drinks? Or splash out with an award-winning bottle of English sparkling white wine. At Farmers Markets you can buy chutneys, pickles and jams produced in the local area.
  • Organically Grown – taking care of the Earth. Organic is more expensive, but that’s if you only count the cost to your purse.  Non-organic farming methods cost us all dear with sterile soils, pesticide residues and health issues.  At least buy just one bag of organic carrots!
  • Animal-Friendly – avoiding abuse. The “A” of the LOAF principles is for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters. Try eating less but better meat, and look for pasture fed and free range on the labels. Free range turkeys are going to be more expensive, but with smaller portions could last over several meals. And most of the world’s classic dishes consist of plenty of variety, loads of vegetables and small amounts of meat.
  • Fair Trade – creating social justice. Choose fair trade coffee and chocolates to end your feast. Beware of phrases such as ‘fairly traded’. Look for the Fair Trade logo which ensures producers and growers get a fair price for their goods plus a little extra money to invest in their communities.

In St John’s Gospel Jesus described himself as “the bread of life”.

 We too can help human and non-human lives by “using our LOAF” and thinking about the food we eat this Christmas.




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