Green Christian Magazine, Autumn 2022, Issue 94

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Green Christian, Autumn 2022, Issue 94

40th Anniversary Issue

Green Christian Issue 94 Cover Image
  • Editorial: Green Christian at 40! Clare Redfern
  • Religion: a force for good? Or not?! Jonathon Porritt appeals to us to play our part
  • Making all things new Deborah Tomkins calls us to become co-workers with God
  • Radical change requires strong convictions A message from Sir Ghillean Prance
  • Let’s earth Heaven! A challenge from Bishop James Jones
  • Fast fashion – a necessary evil? Katie Taylor wonders whether greater awareness can change our habits
  • Consume better, consume less Andrea Werner considers sustainable fashion
  • Green Christian at 40: Looking back, Looking forwards Comments from members old and new
  • When too much isn’t enough Cat Jenkins on consumerism, inequality and the “Plenty!” project
  • Greening your Church Ruth Jarman shares some suggestions
  • GC News :: Reviews :: Local Groups :: Poetry :: Prayers

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