Green Christian Tea Parties: Gather – give – be green

Could you gather together a small group of people who are interested in green issues to share food and conversation at a Green Christian Tea Party?

We’ve put together a Tea Party planner’s guide, invitations and grace cards to help.

Tea Party planner’s guide
Grace Card -portrait and landscape
Tea Party planner’s invitations BW
Planners Invitations Colour

Why run a Green Christian Tea Party?

It’s a great opportunity to bring together some people who are concerned about green issues to share food and conversation. You could invite people from different churches and so strengthen ecumenical relationships. Ask for a donation to Green Christian – say £10 each – or arrange a stall selling preserves, garden produce, home baking or second-hand books. Your gifts will help to fund Green Christian’s campaigns, publications and events.

Making your Tea Party Green

Order some leaflets (email Ruth on setting out the LOAF principles and take the opportunity to talk about how your refreshments were prepared along those lines.

Can you make your party free of single-use plastics? How about encouraging people to bring their own tubs to carry things home if you have a cake stall? Serve soft drinks without straws. Make sure you have volunteers to help with the washing up so you can avoid single-use cups and plates.

How will people travel to your Tea Party? Could you time it to be convenient for a bus service? Or help people to arrange car-shares? Where would be the most accessible venue – your home, church or community hall?

Express your thankfulness for the gifts of food and drink. This attitude can help us to see how we are connected to one another, to the earth and to God. Depending on who is attending your Tea Party and whether they arrive together, you might like to pray before you serve food, or you could offer a Grace prayer card for people to read.

Of course, all the money you raise will help to make your Tea Party Green, by supporting our campaigns, publications and events.

Can you think of any other ways to make your Tea Party Green? Let us know in the comments box below.

When shall I do it?

Why not organise a gathering for November or early December to help people reflect and plan for a greener Christmas? We’d love to hear what you have planned and about how you get on – email to let us know.



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