Inviting your church leader to The Big One:

Green Christian Member Catherine Fish writes:-

You might find that church leaders simply cannot make The Big One, I found this with my church leader, who cannot go as she has unavoidable other commitments. But please don’t let that put you off sending an invitation using the template on the Green Christian No Faith in Fossil Fuels Service and Pilgrimage to Parliament( 21 April the big One) page. 

When my church leader received the letter by email inviting her, she considered what she could offer in support. There will be quite a few from our area who would not be able to travel to London for various reasons, and might be interested in supporting. My church leader has decided, after receiving the information in the letter, to open that church that day for vigils for the climate, prayers for government and for all at The Big One and with an interactive prayer station. I think it’s possible that promoting these in the weeks before, might even lead to others signing up to be at The Big One. 

So those letters are really worth sending!



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