Kindred in Creation: mobilising faith for nature

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An online workshop with Thomas Vellacott TSSF, Chief Executive of WWF Switzerland, hosted by Green Christian and the Creation-Justice-Peace Network of the Third Order, Society of St Francis.

A month ahead of COP15, the UN Biodiversity Conference, Green Christian and Franciscans will come together to discern how our faith compels us to restore nature and rediscover humanity’s proper place within it.

The UN estimates that a million species are threatened with extinction, and WWF last year found that wildlife populations are less than a third of those in 1970.  This depletion of biodiversity is an existential threat to the future of humanity.  And yet it commands even less public attention than the climate emergency. 

The environmental movement is complicit in this neglect.  While the public is being mobilised for COP26 in Glasgow, COP15, the UN Biodiversity Summit, takes place a month earlier in China is attracting much less fanfare. 

At this workshop we’ll give the biodiversity crisis the priority it deserves.  We’ll seek to hold to account the forces that drive the destruction of nature.  We’ll explore how our faith can help humanity turn the corner towards the re-wilding of the Earth.  And we’ll begin to discover the action we ourselves are challenged to take.

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Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 28 July, 2021 | Category: Biodiversity Climate Emergency GC Events Talks | Comments: 0

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