New Book Reviews: October 2018

New Book Reviews on Green Christian’s Website in October 2018:

Radical Prayers on Peace, Love and Nonviolence, by John Dear, November 2017. Reviewed by Andrew Norman

ReWild: The Art of Returning to Nature, by Nick Baker, June 2017. Reviewed by David Penney (Rev)

They Will Inherit the Earth: Peace and Nonviolence in a Time of Climate Change, by John Dear, March 2018. Reviewed by Phil Kingston

Feast or Famine: How the Gospel Challenges Austerity – an Ekklesia Lent Course for Groups and Individuals, edited by Simon Barrow, November 2017. Reviewed by John Smith

Just Food? Food and Farming for a Sustainable Futureedited by Barbara Butler, Spring 2018. Reviewed by Dr Edward P. Echlin

Nothing More and Nothing Less: A Lent course based on the film I, Daniel Blake, by Virginia Moffatt, November 2017. Reviewed by Dr Hellen Giblin-Jowett FRSA

Mere Science and Christian Faith, by Greg Cootsona, IVP Books, Illinois, 2018. Reviewed by Rev Dr John Harrison

Out of the Wreckage: A New Politics for an Age of Crisis, by George Monbiot, September 2017. Reviewed by Linda Wickham



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