Green Christian Posters

We have a set of six posters – fresh, modern and relevant.

They are A3 size.

Please be imaginative in how you use them. You can stick them in your windows, display in your church and share with your friends and neighbours. If you only have space for one poster in church you can ring the changes and have a new poster every couple of months for a year.

How to order your posters

Use the two buttons below to

1. Contact us, letting us know

  • your address
  • a deadline if you have one

2. Send us a donation.

Please donate a minimum of £5.



Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 23 March, 2022 | Category: Green Christian | Comments: 4

Comments on "Green Christian Posters"

Ruth Jarman:

October 7, 2023

Hi Linda, of course! Email me with your address -

Linda Percival:

October 6, 2023

Please may I have a set of 6 A3 posters. I have donated online for them.

Ruth Jarman:

August 30, 2023

Hi Robert, would you like the A4 ones or A3?

Robert Heath:

August 30, 2023

Please send a poster 2335 crook st Ashland KY 41101

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