Show the Love Prayer – Sunday 14 February

2021 is especially important as it’s the year of the big COP26 climate conference in Glasgow.

As our contribution to the 2021 Show the Love Campaign Green Christian are asking churches and individuals to use this Show the Love Prayer and Blessing in worship on Sunday 14th February – Saint Valentine’s Day.

Every February since 2015, people from all walks of life have joined the Climate Coalition’s Show the Love Campaign. By taking part you show the love for everything you want to protect from the climate crisis and to create a safer world for future generations.

Show the Love Prayer 2021

O God who is love
Let love empower our compassion
Let love embrace each and everyone
Let love unite humans and non-human
In restorative co-existence.

O Jesus, love come down to earth
May we honour the earth
May we honour all that dwells in the earth
May we be reconciled with the earth
Become what we are, of the earth.

O Spirit of love
Grant us a spirit of humility
Grant us a spirit of carefulness
Grant us a spirit of friendship
For the earth and all that dwells with us here.

Toni Bennett

Show the Love Blessing 2021

May our loving God,
who created the world and all that is in it,
Inspire us to delight in our beautiful home,
And to live in wonder, peace and joy.
May our living God keep our hearts turned to loving our neighbour and to respecting the creation we share.
May our merciful God help us to live this week in goodness and hope,
And fill us with God’s peace.


Ash Vale Chapel Poetry Group

All the Prayers

All the Show the Love prayers submitted by Green Christian members are featured on this link as a resource for anyone to use.

To find out more about the Show the Love campaign



Author: Paul Strickland | Date: 18 January, 2021 | Category: Climate Emergency | Comments: 1

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January 21, 2021

I great everyone. I am passionated and too much worried of climate change and consequences we are informed everyday in medias. All initiatives taken to protect our mother earth may be sustained globally and also locally. I'm a Catholic Christian, volunteer, member of Focolare Movement. With some friends, we are organising a platform of NGO/Associations dealing in Environmental Projects in EAst African countries (Kenya,Tanzania, Uganda,Rwanda,Burundi and South Sudan).

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