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Do you have recycling bins in church?  Even if you do, do you find strange things in them?  Like plastic cups, cake, snotty tissues? (Since when can we recycle snot? What would we recycle it into?)  The green team at my church are attempting to help our church in this rather rudimentary earth-caring activity.  Thought I’d share what we are doing in case anyone else is having similar problems.

1. Put 2 bins next to each other

2. Label the bins clearly.  Please use and modify Please put in this bin labels if you wish.  Remember what is recycled in your area may be different – check with your local council.

3. Pew sheet notice.  What we said was:

In God’s world there is no “away”

Please help! The church cleaners empty the bins at the back of church every week. This task involves sorting the rubbish that has inadvertently found itself in the wrong bin.  It would be a huge help to them if the rubbish managed to find the right bin to start with.

In the Recycling Bin please put: printing paper, newspapers, card, Costa coffee cups, cans, plastic bottles (the only plastic that can be recycled in Hampshire is in bottle form).

In the Ordinary Rubbish bin please put – tissues, serviettes, plastic cups, polystyrene cups, plastic coffee cup lids, food.

Thank you from St. John’s Creation Care. ‘….because the earth is the Lord’s’.

4. And if steps 1-3 don’t work we are planning a 5 min session at the beginning of a service where we ask the congregation to stand up and they sit down if they answer the “which bin for this?” question incorrectly for various bits of rubbish. Bar of fairtrade chocolate for the winner(s).



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