Eco-Rogation Prayer Walk

Proposal: Outdoor /Eco/Justice Prayer Walk

This post will be modified after the walk. Judith Allinson writes:-

I proposed the following to Settle Justice and Peace Group and to Churches Together in Settle and District:-


Rogation Sunday is this year (2015) is 10 May. On Rogation Sunday the Congregation walks round and asks God’s blessing on a field, a garden, the stream etc. ( It is an old Anglican custom.  You can see some pictures of some Rogation Services 2 years ago here )

I had thought of writing an Eco-Rogation script. However I have now had a better idea: I suggest:-


One evening in the week close to Rogation Sunday (This year 10 May) we have an “Eco-Prayer Walk” – or just an “Outdoor Prayer walk”. (If it is not good weather we can postpone it)

We will meet and split into groups of three or four.

Each group to do the following: walk to the first junction. Then either toss a coin for left or right, or pick straws for who chooses left or right or follow a predetermined route. e.g. the path by the river Ribble to Queen’s Rock, then to a friend’s house that has solar panels.
After 5 minutes stop.
( If necessary each group could take folding chairs with them. )

Here we look around. Each person makes some observation of the pavement/houses/people/water supply whatever is in front of us

An observation …   that is to do with peace / justice / sustainability / God’s love / God’s gift to us  (whatever they feel moved to say).  A secretary makes a short list. We have 2 minutes to pray silently about these issues.

Then we proceed for another 5 minutes walk. and stop again If we do this three or four times it will take about 1 hour.

Then we meet up with the other group(s) and report on the things we have found.

I don’t know what we will come up with but I would really like to try this.. even with only a couple of other people.

I am suggesting a 5.30pm to 7pm slot to avoid clashing with evening meetings.

Now all we need to do is find a date, with good weather:-



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Judith Hyde:

May 7, 2015

Dear JudithAnnually I organise an afternoon of graveyard activities. You have inspired me to use your idea, in a slightly different format, as the concluding activity.Thank you very much for your inspiration.Kind regardsJudith Hyde

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