Restore Nature Now – what was it all about?

Reflections on Restore Nature Now from our chaplain, Andrew Norman.

Green Christian members and Trustees on the Restore Nature Now march – credit Tim Cooper

A warm summery afternoon in London – but to enjoy with over 60,000 people? That was the Restore Nature Now march last Saturday, 21 June. For me it began with a very early rise at home in East Devon. But the 3 ½ hour train journey was a great opportunity to begin my initiation into the novels of Wendell Berry by reading ‘Jaber Crow’. I was immediately captivated – and again wondered at the serendipity of opening just the right book for the day and the hour. Jaber’s love of place and of his people set for me the context for travelling to London. I was going because I cared about my place – and because I feel guilty about my collusive involvement in what we are doing to it.

I was able to begin the day with other Green Christian members at a large gathering in Farm Street Jesuit church. We sang and prayed and we heard a challenging address from Andy Atkins of A Rocha and then we set off on the march. Annoying the occasional impatient taxi driver we found ourselves channelled into Park Lane. I’ve been on marches before and so I’ve experienced conversations afterwards when people have wanted to know, really, why? Why would you do that? What’s the point? Walking along that afternoon I knew why. It was the sense of energy, and it was feeling part of something big.

Mindful of my return train time I had to slip away from that part of the march, but it gave me the opportunity of getting to Parliament Square to hear Chris Packham and some of the other speakers. So occurred my own most unforgettable moment of the day. In mid flow one of the speakers noticed part of the crowd beginning to cheer and point up at the sky. There, high above the Houses of Parliament a peregrine falcon circled, then two, then three. To see, to watch in wonder, right there. Yes, that’s what it was about.



Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 26 June, 2024 | Category: Chaplain's Blog Climate Emergency | Comments: 2

Comments on "Restore Nature Now – what was it all about?"

Ruth Jarman:

June 27, 2024

ah yes, that's a good one. I also liked 'Fund hedges not hedge funds'.

Geoff Perrett:

June 27, 2024

What was your favourite banner/slogan of the many seen on the march ? I liked 'When I'm gone I'm taking you with me', accompanied by the picture of a bee.

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