Ten Reasons to attend a Speakers Club

Speaking Skills – and conversation skills

Judith Allinson is an enthusiastic member of Craven Speakers Club in Yorkshire and writes:-

You may be shy person – But is there a sensitive person inside wishing to communicate? Have you been meaning to do this but not had time?
Make time. This month. – it will improve your effectiveness so much

 Five  reasons why “improving your speaking skills” is a Great Green Imperative:- and

Five reasons why  joining  a Speakers Club or a Toastmasters Club is the best way to do it

There are 150 Speakers Clubs belonging to the
Association of Speakers Clubs  in Britain.
Find one near you.

 1. Five  reasons why “improving your speaking skills” is a Great Green Imperative:

1. Make your talks the BEST!
The Green and Christian issues we deal with in Green Christian are vital – so, if you have to give a presentation, make it the BEST!
Do you have to give talks on Christian or environmental matters, run committees or teach people, or just deal with people on an everyday basis? – Life is short -Isn’t it important to do it as effectively as possible? Don’t continue giving poor or “average” talks because you are too lazy/proud to learn how to give better ones.

2. Improve now and it will be with you for the rest of your life!
So many people say “I wish I had joined at the beginning of my career!”

3. It will give you confidence
This will help you in other areas of life

4. It will make life easier for other people.
How many times have you sat through

  • a long boring speech, or
  • a badly organised committee meeting, or
  • a sermon where the preacher mumbled?

SPEAKERS CLUB WILL make you better – and if you are already good it will make you superb – So do it for the sake of the other people in your life.

5. It will help you in other areas of life
Helping other people, showing people how to do things, getting a new job, relating to friends.

Second:- Five reasons why  joining  a Speakers Club or a Toastmasters Club is the best way to improve your speaking skills:

1. If you attend and take part in a Speakers Club YOU WILL IMPROVE
– even if you are already good.
The Clubs welcome absolute beginners and also people with experience.

2. You get practice.
Simple techniques can soon improve your speaking and listening. But it is vital to have practice in applying them

3. Good Value
Speakers Clubs may cost as little as £40 for 14 two hour sessions during spring and autumn. This is good value compared with professional weekend courses that cost £300. .. and that still leave you with insufficient practice

4. Speakers Club are fun:
The meetings are fun and involve adrenalin, interest and laughter.. there is lots of mutual support.

5. The meetings have a low carbon footprint (Providing you don’t have to drive huge distances) so are a good hobby.

Recommended websites:

www.the-asc.org.uk National Association of Speakers Clubs (It will tell you if there is a local club near you)


Speakout challenge Tips



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