Want to grow your own food? Here’s how!

Green Christian member, Marisa Mann, runs our Green Christian online allotment workshops that have all been recorded. She talks about them here:

Using reflections on Richard Bauckham’s book, Bible and Ecology, my workshops go through the seasons, learning how to cultivate using organic and permaculture farming methods.

The idea is to show how our Creator gave us a wonderful world, which if we cultivate in a natural way, will feed us and help the survival of our whole ecosystem.

Various ideas are studied, especially how to keep our soil healthy, as it gives life to our crops. According to the WHO, soil will expire within 60 years if intensive farming persists. Watching these videos or powerpoint slides will show you how to replenish the soil with materials that provide the ingredients for healthy crops, and therefore healthy food. 

The format follows the seasons and studies how to prepare and grow food, natural pesticides, composting, sheet mulching, seed collecting, crop rotation, and how to preserve produce.

There are also some images from my own art, and we used an anthem for Ukraine after that war started.

A pretty comprehensive guide to growing your own food! Do use it!

See more of Marisa’s art on her blog here.



Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 23 September, 2023 | Category: Climate Emergency Food LOAF | Comments: 0

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