Earthcare – to tune of The Skye Boat Song

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Chorus ……
Care for the planet that cradles our life, beautiful mystery:
Spark from the sun, flung out into space; part of our galaxy.

Why are we here?  Will we survive?  Questions of origin;
What is our role ? How should we live? Where did it all begin?

Chorus ……

Right out of  Space life has evolved, what does that mean today?
Creative source, life giving force, shown in unique display.

Chorus …….

Beyond other forms of earthly life, humanity has power
But careless and strong, thoughtless and proud,  we’re  spoiling it every hour.


Energy needs threaten our life, yielding polluted lands;
Cannot we live within our means?  Say ‘No’  to extravagant plans.


Each of us can, within our life, choose to take planet care,
Reduce our waste, and simplify life, accepting the need to share.


Creator God, no limits we find in space -time or energy,
Guide our reflection and open our mind; Source of all life to be.

Final Chorus

Source of all life, power beyond space, stretched to infinity,
Beyond the mind , yet  lovingly close, we sense  divinity.

Written by Selly Oak Methodist Church Green Team


They are happy for people to print this hymn for services and non commercial publications etc provided that they print the exact words, and that they are credited. They would be pleased to hear where it is being used



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Chistine robson:

October 6, 2019

we sang this 2 weeks ago. what a thought provoking hymn. thank you

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