Environment Songs Workshop at Settle Folk Gathering

Judith Allinson describes:-

Do you enjoy singing and music?  Do you enjoy being in nature and are you concerned about care of the environment? I answer yes for all – so have enjoyed collecting songs about care for the environment.

The Environment Songs workshop

  • held as a “Fringe” event as part of Settle Folk Gathering at St John’s Church Coffee Lounge
  • attended by a princely crowd of eight people  (plus me).
  • included three people from Settle
  • and five people from various parts of the UK  attending  the folk festival.

OK..   with that number it was a rather select event, but it was good because it gave everyone chance to participate and have their say and suggestions, and to meet people.. One lady told us how proud she had been at another event to have chance to sing three of her songs. Sometimes, at Folk events, you are at an event with so many good people that new people or people who lack confidence have less chance to participate. Here everyone had chance to participate and have a chat and meet new people.


John Raubenheimer sang a song by   Dave Kinnoin. (but not to Kinnoin’s music)

No task is too great, no action too small,
for the care of the earth is the task of us all

The sentiments are very important and I really enjoyed hearing it.

I didn’t record other songs that we sang – I was too busy running the event – but here are links to the songs elsewhere on the internet.

  1. Some hae meat and canna eat (by Robbie Burns, but with a 20th/21st century slant) song written and sung by Ian Walker
  2. Wild Mountain Thyme. You’ll know this anyway
  3. From the Tiny  Ant, to the Elephant    A lively children /teenagers song
  4. I’d like to sit awhile by the Settle and Carlisle – sung by Settle voices – recorded here by me at Settle Station – Music and words by David Goulder
  5. May the Peace of the running Wave be with you  (but a different tune to the usual one – I am still trying to find the music to it on the internet.


I have a pile of other songs too – e.g. e.e.

  1. The Keeper by Frank Hennessy -sample  (I first heard this by the Houghton Weavers)   Listen to it on spotify

but time limited us.

There are links to Some Christian Songs  on This website here – Environment words – to well known tunes, several contributed by members of Green Christian

Ones with folk tunes – Entwining circles by Jean MacDonald to Way Waly

If you live near Settle (Yorkshire) .. maybe we could meet up and sing some more!!

Tell us of songs that you know









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