Easter prayer for climate justice

Written by Green Christian member, Catherine Fish, who writes:

“During the Paschal Triduum, I have reflected on the possibility of framing prayers for climate justice with the journey of Jesus from earlier in Holy Week to resurrection. I then wrote the prayer attached.

I am sure that many others have entered into prayer more deeply and in ways that are meaningful to them. I want to encourage others to pray my words, or to write their own.

Loving Lord, you commended the love of a woman as she anointed those feet that would walk for just one more day. Teach us to cherish that which is fragile, and pour the healing oil of your compassion into a world that is wounded and dying. 

Serving Lord, washer of feet, teach us to serve as You do, without fear or prejudice, and make us worthy to serve in your name. 

Agonising Lord, You prayed in Gethsemane: “Let this cup be taken from me”. When we cling to the familiar, terrified of trading the security of the known for a future beyond imagining, give us courage to say “Yes” to our heavenly Father’s will. 

Suffering Lord, You told the women mourning for you to weep for themselves and their children. When we weep for future generations who will face the worst consequences of the climate crisis. take our tears,  transforming them and us, and so help us to see our responsibility to pass on a safe, mending planet. 

Providing Lord,  As Veronica wiped your face, help us to see your face in all men and women, and give us wisdom to change our wasteful habits, to share from our plenty, and to wipe away the stain of sins against nature, from the face of Jesus. 

Journeying Lord, You were helped by Simon of Cyrene. May we be willing to journey too, and to carry the cross for creation. Please prompt us to work to relieve the pain of the earth, and to give sustenance for the damaged world. 

Sacrificing Lord, Yours was no passive acceptance and submission to evil, but was faithful surrender, in the knowledge that your sacrifice was not the end, and that evil would be overcome.  Instill in us the active courage that dares to hope and carry on. 

Enduring Lord, You have borne all things. Give us courage to follow you in compassion and commitment to care. 

Generous Lord, You mandated your closest friend and your mother to be there for each other. Teach us to renew relationships in Your service and to give of ourselves. 

Dying and living Lord, You endured pain and suffering, and through your weakness you give us strength to live again. Forgive us that we have given more value to money and to profit than to human lives. Increase our awareness of life-giving gifts of water, air, soil, climate, and grace. Hold us back from destroying all that gives us life. 

Merciful Lord, You said “Father, forgive them”. Please fill our spiritual emptiness with your mercy and love, so that we may see creation and all creatures as You see them, that we would care for and protect them all, and value all natural resources. 

Lord of Holy Saturday, You have entered the space between death and life. When we sit with questions of “why?” and “how long?” and hear no response, help us to pause, to dignify the lives of those whose pain and grief and pleas for justice go unanswered, and let your stillness fill our silence. 

God of the empty tomb, grant that we may rise from the graves of human and environmental destruction, into the light of hope, to bring about Your will of harmony for all creation.

Creating, Renewing Lord, Your angel said “why seek the living among the dead?” Make a path with us out of old, death-bringing ways, into new, life-giving ways, that we might share your life with all. .

Risen Lord, Your resurrection has given us all new life and hope. Grant us all to rise into wisdom for right choices, and new awareness, so that all creation may live in Your Shalom. Amen



Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 9 April, 2023 | Category: Climate Emergency Worship Materials | Comments: 1

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Jill Houlden:

April 11, 2023

A beautiful prayer, and so apt for this time. Thank you, Catherine.

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