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Author: Paul Strickland | Date: 20 July, 2020 | Category: Arts Blog | Comments: 0

So stimulated was I by becoming Arts Convenor and being confined by lockdown, I embarked on an ambitious (for me) artwork depicting the reality and feelings of my church’s commitment to becoming an Eco Church. Then it took me a couple of months to complete and most of that time I was thinking, planning, hesitating, and wishing I had never started, very much like the process of becoming an Eco Church! The execution of the work only took a few days – and it probably shows!

I realised, in the making of it, that art, thinking and living are inextricably combined as a creative act. Thinking leads to art, leads to living, leads to thinking, and so on. Nothing is ever complete but simply takes us on to the next thing. It is not always easy but it is always good. When the artwork has gone as far as you dare take it or the poem is ready to be spoken, that is the time to stop and give thanks to God for his gift of you being here. That is the time to share what you have found.

Graham Norman 1st July 2020



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