Fun song on clearing up litter

Alison Blenkinsop writes:

I was appalled by Hugh F-W’s recently-screened documentary on plastic detritus in Malaysia, but heartened by individuals’ response when directly approached. But it was clear that big business will not do what it should unless the individuals mass together and hold them to account.

It’s very depressing when the same problems keep arising – like finding plastic ice-cream spoons on my beach, when the cafe owner assured me last summer (after I’d asked the previous year) that they would be replaced by wooden ones.

I have written a song to encourage beach-goers to clean up after themselves. You are welcome to use it, adapted for your own beaches

Tune: can you guess?

O we do like to be beside the seaside,
we do love to live beside the sea,
but we don’t like the litter on the briny shore
that the tide will carry to the ocean floor.

O we do want to welcome you to Pagham,
for the seaside’s a lovely place to be;
so enjoy your coastal roam,
then take all your rubbish home
to keep the beach clean, beside the sea!



Author: Editor 1 | Date: 8 June, 2019 | Category: Action Hymns | Comments: 0

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