Green Christian Magazine, Summer 2015, Issue 79

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Green Christian, Summer 2015, Issue 79

Seeds of Change


  • Editorial: Business as Usual?
  • The Struggle to Change David Osborne discusses the difficulty of changing lifestyles
  • Joy in Enough Clare Redfern reports on the Joy in Enough retreat
  • Standing at the Crossroads Paul Bodenham explores the importance of ‘threshold moments’
  • Desert Silence Richard Ames-Lewis discovers the hidden sounds of silence
  • Goals in Sight Colin Bell assesses the latest UN goals for sustainable development
  • Hedgehog Love Laura Deacon sings the hedgehog’s praises
  • Tribute to John Mead
  • Local Groups – Through Mighty Waters
  • The Rubbish Diet Alison Thomas on the diet plan for your waste bin
  • GC News :: Letters :: Reviews and Resources
  • Prayer :: Meditation

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