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The No Faith in Fossil Fuels Lent Vigil is a ten day event taking place in Westminster, the home of UK Parliament. Christians from across the UK are holding vigil across ten days, day and night.

When? Started Feb 14th 2024. Runs for 10 days, ending on the 24th Feb.

Where? Westminster, London. Locating our vigil outside Westminster, the home of UK Parliament, is bearing witness to the impacts of the climate crisis and pray for the UK Government to take bold climate action.

Why? Around the world creation is crying out. Heatwaves, fires, droughts and floods are becoming more frequent, wrecking lives, land, and livelihoods. Meanwhile, the biggest polluters who have caused this crisis make vast profits from fossil fuels. As creation groans, the poorest, who have done the least to cause the problem, are paying the price.

Spread the word

This is the perfect activity to get your church in meaningful, prayerful climate activism. Here are some suggested ways to do that.

Poster to put up in your church

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Parish magazine article

One pager “what it is all about

And here’s a QR code to the above one pager:

What’s happening when?

  • Wednesday 14th February: The vigil was launched with an Ash Wednesday Church service at St Johns Church, Waterloo. The theme for prayers and worship was lament, longing, love. Read about it here.

  • Sunday 18th February: Multi-faith Gathering. Join people of different faiths coming together in mutual solidarity and respect, reflections and prayers from a variety of faith traditions will be followed by a meditation walk to join the vigil. Gather outside St John’s Church Waterloo at noon. We expect to join the vigil by about 1.30pm.
  • Saturday 24th February: Outdoor Closing Service, in front of Downing Street. To draw the ten day vigil to a close, we are holding an outdoor Christian service, right at the gates of power – Downing Street. This will take place from 2 to 3pm.

Do you have any questions?

Guides and Resources: We also have participant info, guides and prayer resources.

Or email us:

Can’t join us in London?

Please pray with us from your church or your home using our Pray from home resources



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