Cloud and Fire – rediscovering ministry for an age of climate breakdown

Climate change is confronting church leaders with searching questions about themselves, their ministry and the foundations of their faith.  What does my vocation mean in the shadow of catastrophe?  How do I preach honestly about the risks we face? What new pastoral responses do people need? 

In Cloud and Fire, Green Christian offers a safe space where you can confront questions like these.  Designed for clergy, lay ministers and spiritual directors, Cloud and Fire offers a contemplative journey in which to explore emerging dimensions of your vocation and ministry in this age of existential risk, and discern your response in prayer, pastoral care, accompaniment and mission.  It offers pastoral formation for the Anthropocene.

Our Spring 2024 course has already started. It is likely we will run another course either in Autumn 2024 or in Spring 2025.

If you are wondering how to give authentic ministry for the years to come, you are welcome to join us in a future course.  We meet meet eight times over five months for an extended “retreat in daily life”, with reflection and prayer between meetings.  Cloud and Fire is free of charge; the commitment we ask for is rather to your fellow travellers.



Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 30 October, 2023 | Category: Borrowed Time Climate Emergency GC Events | Comments: 0

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