Lichen walks – and other wildlife wonders

Why not invite your local natural history society to show you the wildlife in your churchyard?

Boy pointing to lichen
Look a lichen!

Judith Allinson enjoys showing people, especially children,plants and animals and lichens on their doorstep in her home town and surrounding villages.

Wild plants beside the churchyard wall

Last year Giggleswick village primary school “After School Church Club” invited her to accompany them on a walk round their churchyard.

“We looked at lichens, algae, fungi, ferns, flowers and trees. We took a few specimens of tree leaves back to draw. The older children and teacher enjoyed the magic of looking down a hand-lens. We looked at the lichens on the old churchyard wall and saw examples of algae and fungi. I explained how Lichens are made out of Algae and Fungi growing together

A friend of Judith called Doris Cairns is currently making a book of her paintings of wildflowers and other wildlife in the Giggleswick churchyard. It will be called “Wildlife in a churchyard” and is due to be printed in spring 2020. The teacher at the school encouraged several of the children to make contributions and these will appear as a double page spread. This book follows on from the one Doris made about wildflowers in (Ingleton) churchyards.

Do you know the names of any mosses and lichens and wildflowers (yes, weeds are wildflowers) growing in your church yard?

Look another lichen!

Judith recently gave a talk on “Settle’s Top Ten Lichens” in Settle (N Yorkshire) and is happy to show people near Settle some of the lichens growing in their gardens.. or on Giggleswick Churchyard wall

And you thought this was just a bit of wall!!



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