Resources and Activities Leaflet

Click here to download the Resources and Activities leaflet (as a pdf)

(You can find out more about Green Christian Resources by clicking on the Resources tab in the main menu, and about Activities by clicking on the Activities tab in the main menu)

Do you need a superfast way to
find your way to Green Christian leaflets and activities
(without going through lots of separate webpages)?

GOTO: Green Christian Resources and Activities leaflet

Do you find it difficult to answer the question
“What does Green Christian do?” in one sentence?

PRINTOUT: Green Christian Resources and Activities lealflet

Do you want to promote Green Christian at church,
but the notice board has little spare space?

PRINTOUT: Green Christian Resources and Activities lealflet (folds to 1/3 A4)

Note, If you have more space, a copy of the colourful Storm of Hope leaflet 2023 – (double A4 and takes up three times the display area) can perform a similar role on the notice board to the resources and activities leaflet.

Both are information dense, so you may find it more fun just exploring the website

Or even better join a local group
or attend a Green Christian online workshop and stay online at the end of the workshop and make contact with other members of Green Christian

Here’s our latest Storm of Hope January 2023 edition, focusing on biodiversity:



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