Stations of the Forests

As Easter approaches, some churches take part in “Stations of the Cross”.
Watch this moving video “Stations of the Forests” (15min) produced by the Columbans

Share it with your church.
Connect the suffering of Christ with the suffering of God’s Creation

This is on the St Columbans Mission Society Youtube channel

There is a pdf booklet to go with it. A group can have a discussion for each stage of the forest destruction. Download the booklet here



Author: Editor 1 | Date: 16 March, 2024 | Category: Biodiversity | Comments: 2

Comments on "Stations of the Forests"

Ruth Jarman:

March 19, 2024

Thanks for letting us know how helpful these are

Trish Sandbach:

March 18, 2024

I used these Stations several years ago and found them very moving and challenging as did the ecumenical congregation present in church, I used them again this year during Lent and I think the impact was even greater as we have seen the dire effects of deforestation and climate change increase. Thank you for making them available.

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