The Big Bank Switch

Putting faith into greener banking.

You are invited to join Christians around the UK who are choosing to align their money with their values by switching from a bank that funds planet-destroying fossil fuels to one that doesn’t. 

The climate crisis isn’t just happening, it’s being funded – sometimes by those of us who are most concerned about caring for God’s creation, and all because we have a bank account with HSBC, Barclays, Santander, NatWest, Chase, Lloyds or another high street bank. 

Join The Big Bank Switch. 

Plan your Switch It Sunday

Help others in your church make the switch! From prayers, newsletter items to over-coffee-discussion questions, here’s some ideas for running a Switch It Sunday at your church.

The Big Bank Switch is a partnership between Just LoveJustMoney Movement and Operation Noah, with Switch It Green.

Greener banking for your church

The JustMoney Movement have just published a new Greener, Fairer Banking Guide for churches. The place to go to clean up your church’s finances.



Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 16 February, 2024 | Category: Action Climate Emergency | Comments: 6

Comments on "The Big Bank Switch"

Ruth Jarman:

March 29, 2024

Hi Martin, have a look at the JustMoney Movement website - they are the experts on this.

Martin Styles:

March 28, 2024

I used to bank with the Coop Bank, and I’ve heard of the Triodos Bank. But who are the mysterious green banks that are not mentioned here? (I have high end autism.)

Ruth Jarman:

March 15, 2024

Ah I know - coop is one of the slightly problematic ones because it was bought out. Switchit.Green says this - "The Co-operative Group no-longer own the Co-operative Bank. Since 2020, The Co-operative Bank has been owned by various asset management companies, including hedge funds with strong links to fossil fuels." However, we think it is a load better than the ordinary high street banks and is a recommended bank for churches according to Just Money.

Barbara Swift:

March 15, 2024

What about the coop bank

Ruth Jarman:

February 20, 2024

Thank you, Arnold, so glad you've made a successful switch!

Arnold Mayes:

February 20, 2024

Go for it! My wife and I have had a Triodos Current account since Sept 2017, and deposit accounts with them from several years before that. They are a great bank with a very safe and easy to use App. Payments are very easy, but you will need to get payments in done by BACS, or send cheques by post to Bristol. We have had no problem with BACS transfers and haven't needed to bank a cheque for more than 5 years. Contact with staff, (rarely needed), is excellent by email and/or phone. They are totally open about where money is invested, details can be seen via their website. I am a retired Doctor and my wife and I are in our late 70s.

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