A Prayer for Extinction Rebellion

Green Christian asked Rev Helen Burnett to write us a prayer that we could offer to our members and friends to help us all support the October Rebellion. Please use it in your churches, small groups and your own quiet time. Please use it now, as the rebellion is planned, and during the rebellion itself which is starting on October 7th. We would particularly love it if churches up and down the country would pray this prayer on Sunday 6th October. Do use this prayer , or this prayer with logo or this 2 per page pdf for printing your own copies.

Extinction Rebellion Prayer

Truth telling God,

weave a thread of love and courage

among those who stand for creation this week.

May they know the sound of your voice in all they do.

May your love echo across the streets of London

so that the sap of change can rise in the mess of the city,

and seep into the corridors of power

to bring the dawning of a new day where the web of life is

sanctified, renewed and replenished.

Amen, Lord have Mercy.

Helen Burnett



Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 6 October, 2019 | Category: Borrowed Time Climate Emergency Prayers Worship Materials | Comments: 2

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Alan Blanes:

October 8, 2019


Alan Blanes:

October 8, 2019

Dr. Gail Bradbrook, in her remarks on @democracynow today https://www.democracynow.org/shows/2019/10/8 is demonstrating that she values and chooses to actively protect G-d's Creation. Humans have a need and a duty to safeguard the planetary ecosystem, which is the habitat of our species. If we make excuses for allowing events such as the unnecessary deluge of our coastal areas, by suggesting that we can do nothing about natural changes to our climate during an interglacial era, we are refusing to look at the capacities that we have as stewards of the health of the planet. Dr. David Suzuki made a documentary "Beaver Whisperer" a few years ago, where he said that beavers may be the world's most valuable mammal because they are able to organize to retain water on continents. http://www.dambuilderproductions.com/documentaries/the-beaver-whisperers.html If we begin to develop a devotional attitude to protection of the planetary ecosystem, we could organize through #SDG13, #SDG14 and #SDG17 to inventory all the water tables of Earth and to determine how to replenish them through diversion of seasonal runoff and rainwater, to constructed wetlands. This water can be naturally purified through phyto-remediation-friendly plants such as mosses and bullrushes, and canaled to all the arid regions of continents. This could be used to replenish reservoirs and all water tables to the maximum. The trillions of cubic meters of water used could offset ice cap meltwater. If we are to embark on such a "beaver-like" quest, we would be knowing that we would be enabling humans to avoid unnecessary flooding, and we would be doing our duty to creating healthy living conditions for all species. We would only be returning water to oceans that had become pure, and not allowing antibiotics and hormones to disrupt the conditions of marine life.

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