A Laudato Si’ confession

An act of contrition

A meditation on passages in Laudato Si’

Let us listen to the cries of our ‘Sister, Mother Earth’,

for the harm we have inflicted on her. (1)

A moment of silence

We acknowledge the violence in our hearts wounded by sin,

towards the soil, the water, the air and all forms of life. (2)

Lord Jesus Christ, we seek a fresh encounter with you

who hold all the creatures of this world to yourself (100)

Lord have mercy…

We beg you for the grace of ecological conversion,

in patience, self-discipline and generosity (201)

Even as we repent of our sins against your Creation,

you never repent of having created us, nor forsake your loving plan (13)

Christ have mercy…

We ask your forgiveness for our ecological debts

to the poor and future generations (51)

We commit ourselves to persevere in a change of life

which, though unbeknown to us,

will call forth a goodness to change the world. (212)

Lord have mercy…

Restore us, Creator, Word and Breath of Life,

to live in communion with you,

with others and with all creatures

in this one Earth, our common home. (240)



Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 10 December, 2020 | Category: Climate Emergency Prayers Worship Materials | Comments: 0

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