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Reviews of Books, some of which have appeared in the Green Christian Magazine

Jesus, Revolutionary of the Poor – Review

Jesus, Revolutionary of the Poor: Matthew’s Subversive Messiah, by Mark Bredin, 2017. Cascade Books, ISBN 978 1 62564 137 3, 27 pages. RRP £23 (paperback)

This serious, challenging, complex yet very readable book begins with a quotation from Henri Nouwen, identifying Jesus’ preference for those who are marginal,

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Include Me Out! – Review

Include Me Out! Confessions of an Ecclesiastical Coward, by Colin Morris, 1969. Epworth Press

This is the book which has had the greatest influence on me, written by the Methodist Minister th Colin Morris, when he was a missionary in Zambia. I first read it when I was approaching my Ordination Selection Conference and had been sent several books to read,

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The Growth Delusion – Review

The Growth Delusion: The Wealth and Well-Being of Nations, by David Pilling, January 2018. Bloomsbury, ISBN: 9781408893708, 352 pages. £20.00 (hardback – now also available in paperback)

If you think that economics, and in particular GDP, is a dull and incomprehensible subject, this book may change your perception.

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Dead Zone – Review

Dead Zone: Where the Wild Things Were, by Philip Lymbery, March 2018. Bloomsbury, ISBN: 9781408868263, 384 pages. RRP £10.99 (paperback)

If I was scanning the “Environment” section in my local bookshop, I would probably leave this book sitting on the shelf. The title tends towards the theatrical,

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Being Human – Review

Being Human, by Rowan Williams, March 2018. SPCK, ISBN: 9780281079759, 128 pages. RRP £9.99 (paperback)

‘This book completes a sort-of unintended trilogy”, Bishop Rowan explains in its introduction. The previous two are wonderful. The first, Being Christian, 2014, reminded me of that little classic once written by one of his predecessors as Archbishop of Canterbury,

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New Book Reviews: October 2018

New Book Reviews on Green Christian’s Website in October 2018:

Radical Prayers on Peace, Love and Nonviolence, by John Dear, November 2017. Reviewed by Andrew Norman

ReWild: The Art of Returning to Nature, by Nick Baker, 

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Out of the Wreckage – Review

Out of the Wreckage: A New Politics for an Age of Crisis, by George Monbiot, September 2017. Verso, ISBN: 9781786632883 (paperback), 224 pages. RRP 9.99 (paperback)


I always look forward to reading a new book by George Monbiot, usually for its clarity, passion and vision. 

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Mere Science and Christian Faith – Review

Mere Science and Christian Faith, by Greg Cootsona, IVP Books, Illinois, 2018. ISBN 978-0-8308-3814-1 (print), ISBN 978-0-8308-8741-5 (digital)

The interface between Christian Faith and Science is multifaceted not least because of the various facets of the constituent parts. In this case the author offers us an exploration which is targeted at a constituency he refers to as emerging adults,

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